Sunday, April 18, 2010

Well I forgot you had to do these backwards, so you get the backwards version. All done with cookies and getting a picture with grandma. The finished product, and I must say they were very good!

Three little girls making sure it is mixing well.
Three little girls helping by putting the ingredients in the mixer, with Diana's help.

Three little girls patiently waing to make cookies.


Sweet Grandma Rita said...

awww! How cute! I'm glad those girls played so well together! As you were leaving, Gracie goes, "But mom, I want to play with those nice girls!" it was pretty cute!

Jan said...

I LOOOVE choc,chips cookies....and cream, I'm just FAT like that!

Landon and Kayla said...

How cute!!! those little girls are adorable!

Lopez Life said...

I'm glad that they got to play with Gracie. Zoey said something like, we played with ANOTHER Gracie, we have like 10 in our ward for those of you that don't know.