Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Jeff and Crystal's Birthday

Crystal doesn't live near us, so we can only celebrate with one of the twins. Last night Jeff and Charrity brought the kids over while they went out to dinner. Joe and Amber came over for dinner and then we all had cake and ice cream afterwards.


Amber and Wyatt

Jeff and the ever so ornery Dallie

Get a load of that bonfire, notice all the smoke! No, no the fireman were not called. :)

Cade is fascinated with this snowman, it's his size!

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Trip To See My Grandkids

I went to see Crystal and Travis and their sweet little boys. We went to different places to eat and visited temple square. They are so much fun and we have dne lots of things together. We even had a picnic in the park. Tomorrow we are going on a drive in the mountans to see all the pretty colors.

My Beloved Friend

My wonderful dog left me to go to heaven and play with othersthat are there. I am very sad, but glad that she is no longer suffering. Sher was such a good companion and will be sorely missed.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

last week I got a new camera, so I cab start to add my own with out Jen's help, so here are a few pics.

Monday, July 20, 2009

My new family photo....my have we grown.
Nathan and Brandon

All my grandkids!

So things are getting back to Normal.The wedding was beautiful and I have a new daughter. It sure was alot easier than how I got my own daughters. They are nowin Van Cover getting ready to board the cruise ship.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Our Vacation

After a slight bump in the road we started our trip.

We saw beautiful murals on the sides of buildings in Shreveport.

Catie tried to get eaten by an alligator.

We had great times with old friends.

Paul and his VietNam buddies.

This is one of the helicopters that they did drop off missions with, they would sit on the side and the pilot would drop them where they needed to go.

This is another mural.

We went shopping, oh did we go shopping!

In Amarillo, we saw the play, Texas.

It was cool to see Boss Hog cars everywhere.

We stopped by the American Quarter Horse Hall of Fame.

Catie and i love to goof around.

Sometimes Paul does too.

We ate the famous BIG TEXAN. If you could eat an entire 72 oz steak, it was on the house. No attempts in our family were made.

This is outside the Big Texan.

This is a beautiful sunset outside of the airport where we dropped our car off.