Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Jeff and Crystal's Birthday

Crystal doesn't live near us, so we can only celebrate with one of the twins. Last night Jeff and Charrity brought the kids over while they went out to dinner. Joe and Amber came over for dinner and then we all had cake and ice cream afterwards.


Amber and Wyatt

Jeff and the ever so ornery Dallie

Get a load of that bonfire, notice all the smoke! No, no the fireman were not called. :)

Cade is fascinated with this snowman, it's his size!


Sweet Grandma Rita said...

So good to see pictures of the kids. We sure have beautiful children! I hope both Crystal and Jeff had very fun times for their birthdays. I can't believe how old everyone is getting, LOL

Crystal Hendrix said...

Well sorry I missed all the fun! But thanks for thinking of me!

Sweet Grandma Rita said...

HEY YOU!! Happy valentines day. Use someone elses computer if yours is not working. Really enjoyed spending yesterday with you. Love you

Amy and Cody said...

Lol, love the fireman comment, so funny.