Wednesday, August 13, 2008

My very first hip move!

Ok, so now I have my own blog. Who knows if I will keep up with it, but at least now I am "in".

Let's start with today. It has been a trying day for me! I slept from about 8ish until 3pm, when Linda asked me to take her home. I came back home and was planning to go to the store, when an animal control officer stopped at our house. Can anyone guess why???? Brandy got out AGAIN!!!!!! He said we are getting a ticket, but we found her before he did, and haven't called him to tell him. (Do I look stupid enough to do that?????) So she's tied up and safe with me here at home! Jeff was so kind and came over to fix all the holes in the fence, but we'll see how long that will last. We will just have to tie her up whenever I leave the house. That seems to be the time she likes to dart from the house!!!!

I have a new phone, so when people call me I will probably answer now!!! I got the chocolate fully equiped with bluetooth that is now stuck to my ear!!! I was told that I look like I am talking to myself when I am using it, but such is life. I feel like I've moved up in life now because I have it. I am so hip!! It only took me 50 years!!


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